The below individuals makeup the Board of Directors of Partners Realizing Opportunity Inc., the parent company of ProCAre Designs LLC. 

Bill McKenna is a former member of the Missouri Legislature.  He was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in 1982 and spent eleven years there.  In 1993 he was elected to the Missouri Senate to represent Jefferson County and was selected by his peers to be the Senate leader and President Pro Tem of the Senate in 1997 and 1998. After leaving the Legislature, Senator McKenna joined Jefferson College in January 1999, and in 2001 was named the school’s President until his retirement in 2007. Mr. McKenna has a Bachelor of Science degree from Southeast Missouri State University and a Master of Science degree in Public Administration from SEMO as well. He is a past member and chair of the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission, and the former chairman of the Legislative Committee of the Missouri Community College Presidents & Chancellor’s Council. Bill currently serves on the Mercy Jefferson Hospital Board and is past President of the Board of Directors for Jefferson Regional Health Systems. He is chair of his local Senior Center and “meals on wheels” program and a past member of the Jefferson County Developmentally Disabled Board. Mr. McKenna also is on the Board of the Missouri Budget Project, Pro-Bod, and First State Community Bank. Mr. McKenna has owned and operated various family businesses in Jefferson County and continues to work with civic, charitable and veterans’ groups throughout the area.  He and his wife, Debbie, live in Crystal City, Missouri. Mr. McKenna served in the U.S. Army and began his working career as a union laborer in the construction industry.

Dr. Julia Hampton has lived in Jefferson County for almost 50 years. Working in the county and raising a family here, she has gotten to know the people and the county including strengths and areas of need. Teaching at the preschool, elementary, and college levels provided a broad overview of county demographics. Her career at the local community college has developed a deep understanding of the educational needs of the area and can provide JFCAC a valuable perspective. Specifically, regarding the Early Head Start and Head Start Programs, her background and master’s degree in the field allows her to fulfill a requirement for a board representative with an area of expertise in early childhood education. In a 32-year career at Jefferson College, Dr. Hampton held leadership positions including Director of an on-campus child development center, Head of the Teacher Education Program, Chair of the Social Science Division, and Dean of Student Services. Along with a doctorate in Higher Education Administration, these positions allowed her to develop expertise in governance, finance, and leadership. She also has had the privilege of working with local, state, and regional leaders on committees and task forces such as the Higher Education Subcommittee of the Missouri Homeland Security Advisory Council and serving as president of both the Missouri Advisory Council for the Certification of Educators and the Missouri Chief Student Affairs Officers Association. Even in retirement, Julia continues her work as a member of the Peer Corp for the Higher Learning Commission which provides accreditation for institutions of higher education in a 19-state region. Dr. Hampton has received awards such as an Outstanding Leadership Award from the National Chair Academy and an Outstanding Community Service Award from the Missouri Community Action Network. She recently accepted a position on the Jefferson College Foundation Board of Directors, where she now serves as Vice President. This provides another way that Julia can continue to provide linkages between JFCAC and our community to better serve us all.

Marty Lackey has been married to his wife Suzanne for 31 years. They have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Marty is a lifelong resident of Franklin County Missouri. He owns and operates The Lackey Group LLC. Which manages approximately 80 tenants and builds and remodels homes. He is a trustee of the St. Clair Elks Lodge. He is the past Treasure which gives him insight for being Treasure of the PRO board. As a general contractor he deals with many contractors and construction suppliers. He does business with 3 local banks and many other businesses in the Franklin county area. He has completed the step up to leadership program offered by the JFCAC, which gave him the tools to be a leader in our community.

Rosie Buchanan is the Assistant Executive Director of The Economic Development Corporation of Jefferson County where she has served since 1988. In her capacity at the EDC, she serves as the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Administrator responsible for all aspects of the Jefferson County CDBG program, a program thru the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) which provides funding to low-to-moderate income individuals residing within Jefferson County thru sustainability programs (Homeowner Rehabilitation Program and Sewer/Septic Programs). In addition, she is also the CFO of the EDC in charge of all financial transactions of the not-for-profit corporation, assist with loan programs administered by the EDC (U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Rural Development, EDA, Revolving Loan Funds and the Industrial Development Authority (IDA)). The Board of Directors is comprised of Mayors and delegates of all incorporated municipalities within Jefferson County along with County Counsel members and the County Executive as well as representatives from all business and utility sectors providing a vast level of business-related expertise. She has served on the JFCAC board for the past year and will contribute her time and potential resources to the best of her ability now and in the future.

Rick Pica moved to this area 30 years ago where he raised 5 children and has 6 grandchildren, therefore, the success of the community and individuals is important to him. Rick has served on Sunrise school board from 9 years, as president for 6. He has served on a multi-credit Union BOD for 12 years and currently serves as the secretary. He has served on a local Summerset property owners board for 6 years and currently serves as the secretary. Rick is part of the Chamber of Commerce and currently serves as the secretary. Rick is dedicated to his community as he has coached soccer for many years, devotes his time to fundraising, farmers markets, and additional tasks. Rick owns his own tax business and sees a diverse group of individuals. Rick worked at Union Pacific railroad for many years (logistics, contracts, inventory, distribution, facilities and grounds) and has received many prestigious awards for his service through UP and other organizations. Through the Board of Directors for JFCAC and his tax firm sees many challenges to low-income individual or families. Rick feels that this ties in nicely because he is able to recommend JFCAC to individuals who need help.

Lesley Deason is a widowed low-income mother to her two daughters in the Jefferson County area, where she was born and raised. She has utilized both the WIC and Head Start programs through Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation to help her family through in times of need. Through being a Head Start parent, in 2016 Ms. Deason was elected to represent her center on the Jefferson and Franklin County Head Start Policy Council, where she was then voted in as Chairperson. She served as Chair for three years, and Vice Chair for two years. In her years of service, Ms. Deason was an active part of both community and statewide Head Start meetings, and also remained active in her daughter’s Head Start classroom. Through being Chairperson of Policy Council, Ms. Deason was also given a seat on the Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation’s Board of Directors, where she has served since 2016. In 2018 Ms. Deason was nominated and voted in as Vice President of the Board of Directors, and in 2019 was voted in as President of the Board of Directors, which is the position she currently holds. Ms. Deason has also served as Secretary on the Partners Realizing Opportunity (PRO) Board of Directors since 2019, which is the for-profit arm of Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation. Ms. Deason has a background in childcare, preschool teaching, writing, and editing, which she uses to contribute to the community through her positions on different community boards. Through dealing with the tragic loss of her husband to mental illness and becoming a widowed mother to two young daughters at the age of twenty-five, Ms. Deason has firsthand experience of not only the financial burdens of being low income, but also the burden of mental illness that her husband dealt with, and the PTSD, depression, and anxiety that her and her eldest daughter fought through following his death. In recent years she has also faced an onslaught of medical problems for both her and her daughters, but continues to remain resilient in the face of tragedy and difficulties. She uses the experiences she has endured to not only advocate for her own children, but also the children and families of our communities through her service.

Jordan Cooper is a lifetime resident of Imperial, MO., He is excited to share his diverse and unique background with the community.  As a young entrepreneur who strives to grow daily in every area of his life. Jordan started his first e-commerce business at the age of 16. During this time, he started business classes and worked full-time as a restaurant manager, and continued to run an e-commerce company. Jordan became a realtor in 2017 at Exit Elite Realty and is proud to say that he has been in the top 5 in sales volume every year since he started. Being part of a real estate company that has a total of 61 agents Jordan gets to assist with many training and leadership meetings with his position as a Team Leader.

When not working to ensure that all his clients have the best experience possible, Jordan is coaching a hockey team, spending time with my fiancé and their dog Kiki, and volunteering for several organizations. Last, but not least Jordan enjoys traveling and learning new things.