Welcome to ProCAre Designs

Where your Designs Come To Life!


 Our Mission: We bring images to life on various mediums while serving as a training site for individuals wanting to learn graphic design. 

ProCAre Designs is a laser engraving company that opened in Fall of 2020.  ProCAre Designs is a Social Enterprise.  A Social Enterprise is “a cause-driven business whose primary reason for being is to improve social objectives and serve the common good.” ProCAre Designs proceeds support poverty programs in Jefferson and Franklin County Missouri delivered by Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation.

We are a small grass root organization that takes pride in bringing images of all sorts to life on various medium.  From wood, ceramic, marble, leather, fabric, glass, stone to metal, ProCAre Designs can master your needs.  All items are engraved using a Pro Fusion 32×48 Laser Etcher.  More versatile than router engravers or milling machines, CO2 laser engravers can quickly and easily customize wooden objects and products, engrave glasses or ceramic cups, etch on stone or plastic, mark coated metal plates, print on fabric and leather, and so much more!

Engraving is available on the following types of material: Wood, Acrylic, Ceramic, Marble, Leather, Fabric, Glass, Stone, and Metal. 

Provide your own engravable blanks or browse through our online store for various items we carry. 

Contact us for high volume orders and pricing.